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Katy Kaumeyer - Fun and Feisty Caregivers Coming your Way!

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Today, we're diving into a story many people can relate to. This one goes out to all the caregivers who sometimes feel like their efforts don't get the attention they deserve. If you're one of them, this episode is tailor-made for you! Katy and I got together with a unique idea in mind: making something just for caregivers like you, like us, a place where we can find support and a helping hand whenever we need it. And we warmly welcome every caregiver to become a part of this community!

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About Katy Kaumeyer:

Katy is a kid at heart, bursting with enthusiasm for all the exciting possibilities. She imagines herself a superhero, but in reality - she's a single mom to two adult kiddos, a caregiver to her mom and adult disabled son, and an entrepreneur.

With an unwavering belief that anyone can succeed, Katy collaborates with others so they can go from merely building a business to leaving a lasting legacy. Her mission is to empower others, ensuring they never lose sight of just how AWESOME they are!




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